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Technical FAQ

Here are some answers to some of our commonly asked questions:

Who uses NetStores?

  • NetStores caters to business-to-consumer retail sellers, such as those who traditionally rely upon catalogs to reach their customer base. We also serve businesses who sell their products to other businesses as well as act as an innovative distribution storefront for intellectual material, such as, software or magazine and journal subscriptions.

What do I need to conduct business on the Internet?

  • NetStores is your one stop source for all your e-commerce needs. If you have a merchant account, NetStores can provide the shopping cart software and connect you with a gateway provider which will put you in touch with a potentially unlimited customer base. NetStores can integrate this system into your existing web site or our staff of professional web designers can help you assemble your store from scratch.

Do I need a merchant account to use NetStores and to conduct business on the Internet?

  • A merchant account is necessary only if you are going to process credit card orders over the Internet. With NetStores you also have the ability to accept other forms of payment such as a check, C.O.D. or a purchase order. As your web business grows, a merchant account with Instant Credit Card Verification(ICCV) is a cost effective means of processing the growing number of orders that your Web site will generate. NetStores can assist you in obtaining a merchant account and provide the ICCV which enables you to receive immediate payment for purchases made from your Web site.

How do I try NetStores?

  • It's easy! You may create a store using our test drive. Or, give us a call. We are eager to answer any questions and can help you open a store today.

How will my Storefront work?

  • Using NetStores, your web site functions as an easy interactive sales and on-line merchandising storefront. Customers locate your store by directing their browser to your URL, or by surveying NetStores list of vendors. Shopping is simple. Customers browse through products on your company's web page. Goods are collected with the click of a mouse using NetStores flexible shopping cart software. Purchases are then consolidated and totaled and can be paid for immediately using NetStores instant credit card verification capabilities. This means money in the bank for you even while you sleep!
  • NetStores also allows your customers to pull up merchandise orders they have already placed alleviating the time and cost of addressing many customer service issues.

When will my Storefront be up & running?

  • Once we have received your company information including product prices and descriptions, you can be on-line and selling goods in as little as 5 days!

Is there a contract?

  • Our service agreement outlines the terms of service, but you are welcome to cancel service at any time.

What kind of security is used by NetStores?

  • NetStores uses Secure Socket Layer(SSL) encryption to scramble credit card information so that customer transactions are safe and secure.

How do we receive orders?

  • Orders may be retrieved via database files or e-mail or directly from the web using your NetStores password.

Can we change our store after it has been created?

  • You are free to update your site as often as you like. Updates can be made directly on the Internet, day or night.

Can we get statistics about what is happening to our store?

  • Of course. NetStores comprehensive statistical feedback will enable you to make smart and well informed business decisions concerning the continued growth of your e-commerce business.

Do we need any special hardware or software to use NetStores?

  • Absolutely not. If you are reading this page, then you have what you need. An ordinary browser such as Netscape will allow you to access and monitor your NetStores account. If you intend to include images on your web site, you may want to invest in a scanner or digital scanner.

May I use my existing web site or is there a specific design format required by NetStores?

  • You may use the web site you have already worked hard to assemble. Flexibility is the key to NetStores e-commerce solution. NetStores can integrate e-commerce into your existing site. Your current product database can be uploaded so that your store is up and running quickly and easily.
  • If you are just starting out, NetStores experienced web designers can help you with your web site needs.

What type of equipment does NetStores use?

  • NetStores recognizes the importance of having reliable technology to support your business on the web. NetStores uses the latest in state-of-the-art servers to keep the doors of your e-commerce business open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
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