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Press Release

For Immediate Release, February 1999

NetStores announces their alliance with Authorize.Net

NetStores' Shopping Cart software is now compatible and integrated with Authorize.Net's payment solution, providing a gateway to credit card authorization from a merchant's website. NetStores offers the most complete solution for e-commerce, including website hosting, shopping cart, and instant credit card authorization--adaptable to any merchant's website hosted anywhere on the World Wide Web.

Authorize.Net is the primary provider of credit card authorization and processing services, with more than 21,000 online and traditional business customers. Now it is easier than ever for Authorize.Net's resellers to persuade merchants to begin doing business over the Internet. With NetStores' e-commerce solution, Authorize.Net resellers can now readily provide complete e-commerce capabilities to any merchant that has a website on the Internet. Authorize.Net's credit card processing gateway, paired with NetStores' e-commerce solution, is a fast, easy and efficient way to incorporate e-commerce into any merchant's website.

NetStores' e-commerce solution is superior because it is both quick and convenient for merchants to set up, and is user-friendly for the merchant's customers. NetStores' e-commerce solution is unique because customers can more easily search, find and select desired products in a merchant's website. Then, once the products have been selected, the order is computed, listed, and totaled instantly. This is very different than most website order forms in which customers not only have a difficult time searching for and finding desired products, but often have to figure out prices and totals on their own! And unlike many of those other web shopping applications, Netstores' e-commerce solution is compatible with both Authorize.Net and CyberCash, so it can instantly collect payment and process transactions for merchants.

NetStores is an early leader in e-commerce. Founded in 1995, NetStores was one of the first in the industry to integrate its web shopping application for merchants with CyberCash credit card authorization and secure server technology. Along with its unique Shopping Cart, NetStores offers its clients customized website "storefronts" to integrate e-commerce onto the clients' existing websites. NetStores' e-commerce experts will work with its clients' Webmasters to complete sites that perfectly fit every client's distinctive needs--websites they may maintain themselves, changing items and prices as needed. NetStores provides website hosting, which includes guidance throughout the set-up process, as well as responsive, effective technical support when it's needed thereafter. Thus, Merchants don't need to spend money on extra staff, a server, or expensive software. NetStores e-commerce solution is a perfect match for businesses of all sizes with existing websites and/or catalogs who want an efficient, secure and affordable website ordering system that makes it easy for customers to place an order.

"Right now the barrier to entry in the electronic commerce market is psychological. Small and medium-sized businesses are intimidated by what they perceive as complicated, expensive systems that have to be developed to conduct business on the internet," said David O. Heaps, President of Authorize.Net. "The truth is, the Internet is the most conducive business environment available today. True E-Business puts the power of e-commerce in the hands of businesses because it enables them to cost-effectively build their business on the Internet without having to become experts in website authoring, computer programming, or payment processing."

NetStores is a comprehensive electronic-commerce solution. NetStores provides everything a business needs to establish e-commerce on its website--quickly and efficiently. NetStores provides the software, the server, and expert resources to integrate complete e-commerce capabilities into a merchant's existing website. This is most comprehensive, secure and expeditious way for merchants to literally sell their products from their website and instantly expand their business through e-commerce.

Contact: Adam Fishman, NetStores

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