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Press Release

For Immediate Release June 25, 2001

NetStores Launches NetStores E-Commerce Application Training Program (NEAT) At The National Computing Education Conference in Chicago

Eugene, OR.---Fishbone Communications Inc. announces the introduction of its NetStores E-commerce Application Training (NEAT) program, being presented today at the National Educational Computing Conference in Chicago. NetStores' "Tools for the Trade" are designed specifically for instructors and educators that teach Dreamweaver. NEAT provides preprogrammed course ware, tutorials, and instructional materials that can be easily integrated into any web design curriculum.

NetStores provides E-commerce web design tools that make adding E-commerce point-of-sale solutions and product-searching tools to web sites simple and easy. With no programming necessary to implement, NetStores E-commerce extensions provide powerful tools to web designers. Professional graphic designers migrating to web design can implement E-commerce tools in clients' web sites using NEAT skills. NetStores E-commerce Application Training offers up to three levels of step-by-step instructional material, leading to certification.

One of the first E-commerce Application Service Providers, NetStores has been enabling E-commerce since 1995. NetStores E-commerce solution is a perfect match for businesses of all sizes who want an efficient, secure and affordable web site ordering system that makes it easy for customers to place an order. NetStores' application is fully compatible with Macromedia's Dreamweaver 2,3, and 4, and offers current technology for E-commerce solutions. The only Application Service Provider bundled with Macromedia's Dreamweaver 3 and NetObjects' Fusion 5, NetStores E-commerce Solution is favored by an established base of over 400,000 web site builders world wide. By introducing NetStores E-commerce technology into the classroom, NEAT will enable educators to provide students with essential hands-on experience, preparing them for work in E-commerce.

Over 12,000 educators from across the nation are expected to attend the NECC "building on the future" conference to peruse exhibits by more than 400 companies. A variety of information will be presented, from educational software, programs and services, to computer hardware and networking. Easy to use, teach and maintain, NetStores tools and application software offers affordable, top of the line educational material to teachers and educators.

The company offers several different pricing plans geared to meet the unique needs of its Affiliates. Specific information about joining the Netstores.com sales affiliate program, including the pricing plans, is available at www.netstores.com.

Contact: Adam Fishman, NetStores

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