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Press Release

For Immediate Release, January 6, 2004

Media Contact:
Adam Fishman
Fax (541) 345-1257

NetStores® Unix-Based E-Commerce Solution arrives for Mac® OSX

MacCommerce™ products feature drag-and-drop tools for designers

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA — NetStores®, a long-time provider of comprehensive e-commerce solutions, announces the Macworld debut of MacCommerce™ Designer, MacCommerce™ Server and MacCommerce™ Tools for Mac® OS X. These products are among the first full-featured e-commerce solutions to take full advantage of Mac® OS X ease of hosting, giving any Mac® user, from small businesses to enterprises and ISPs, the capacity to host an unlimited number of e-commerce websites. The comprehensive e-commerce solution features the drag-and-drop simplicity of MacCommerce™ Tools for Macromedia® Dreamweaver® and Adobe® GoLive® e-commerce site designers.

MacCommerce Server—e-commerce for hosts

MacCommerce Server gives businesses everything they need to establish an e-commerce solution. The database-driven order processing engine is both powerful and flexible, offering a full array of features, including customizable shipping tables, MySQL™ compatibility and back-end integration with Intuit® QuickBooks®, Quicken® and the MAS family of business software. MacCommerce is also the first UPS®-approved Mac® OS X e-commerce product to have integrated UPS OnLine® Tools for real-time rate calculation and shipment tracking. Drag-and-drop shopping cart tools give designers on any platform cutting-edge capabilities for e-commerce site design. SSL certificates, merchant accounts, credit card gateways and custom business integration services are also available for a personalized, complete solution.

“This product offers the speed, security and stability of a BSD/UNIX-based system with the ease of use of the Mac and the power of the NetStores shopping cart application,” says Adam Fishman, president of NetStores. “MacCommerce fills a missing niche in the market for web designers, businesses and ISPs who want a stable, secure, robust e-commerce solution for their own Macintosh servers.”

MacCommerce Designer—e-commerce for designers

MacCommerce Designer offers the functionality of the MacCommerce Server product, providing the opportunity to host a website using the shopping cart application on an internet-connected Macintosh computer equipped with the Panther or Jaguar operating system. Drag-and-drop MacCommerce Tools, including new dynamic catalog and template tools, work with either Mac- or Windows-based applications for quick site design and customization. The application ships with two store licenses, a merchant account and credit card gateway, giving designers a real opportunity to work with e-commerce websites for themselves or their clients.

“We continually strive to provide our customers with excellent support, training, improving tools and functionality,” says Fishman. “Free support and training is part of our package.”

The MacCommerce products will be featured at the NetStores booth 837 at the Macworld Expo January 6–9.

About NetStores

NetStores has been helping businesses succeed with their e-commerce visions since 1995. Superior customer service and personalized support are hallmarks of NetStores.Virtual hosted, co-location and customization solutions are available. MacCommerce Designer, MacCommerce Server, MacCommerce Tools and NetStores are products of Fishbone Communications, Inc., located at 1462 W. 8th Ave., Eugene, OR 97402.

To learn more about NetStores and MacCommerce e-commerce products, visit and

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